Sermons By Date : 2019

13 Jan 2019 - Shalom for the filthy, wretched and poor

Have you heard of the word shalom?
What does it mean?
What does it really mean?
How can we experience Biblical shalom?
We look at Jesus' story of The Lost Son.
Which of the two brothers was truly lost at the end of the story?
Which one experienced true shalom?

06 Jan 2019 - Get it?

Imagine that you planned a new initiative, but people just didn't get it:
A way to help people, but they just assumed that it would harm them.
Imagine that you had been advertising this new "thing" for 700 years, but people had not been engaging with the advertising.
Jesus' name Emmanuel means God with us.
In this message, we look at various people.
One did get it. Some never got it. And others did not get it at first.

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