Sermons By Date: 2019

09 Jun 2019 - Light and Life

Jesus says: I am the Light of the World.
When did the light first appear?
What about eternity?
How can we walk in the light?

02 Jun 2019 - How do we answer difficult questions?

How do we answer difficult questions?
How did Jesus answer questions?
Did he answer all questions in the same way?
Or did he vary his approach: according to the question: according to the person asking, and according to their motivation?
What can we learn from Jesus?

26 May 2019 - Has religion left you dry?

Has the festival left you thirsty?
Has religion left you dry?
Jesus invites us to come to him and drink
Doing religion is tiring
Doing religion makes us thirsty
Religion without relationship makes us into Pharisees
Jesus invites us into relationship with him

19 May 2019 - Football and forgiveness

Why do we find it  so hard to say sorry?
Why do we find it  so hard to forgive?
How do we feel after we say sorry?
How do we feel after we forgive someone else?
In this drama, based on Matthew 6:7-15, we explore the wonder of forgiveness.

12 May 2019 - Getting it right: The X Factor or the Cross Factor?

In our passage today, people are trying to influence Jesus
But his desire is to do the will of his Father - and to get it right:
The right timing
The right source of teaching
The right motivation
The right action
The right way to judge
Jesus knows that he is not heading for The X Factor
In everything, he is aware of The Cross Factor

05 May 2019 - Do you want to leave too?

Do you want to leave too?
Who will you go to?
What will you be leaving behind?
These are some of the questions that Jesus's disciples faced all those years ago:
And we face the very same questions today.

28 Apr 2019 - Good ideas... or God's ideas?

We may have many good ideas… but are they part of God’s plan?
Are they good ideas... or God's idea?
The people in our passage today, had some interesting ideas:
Let’s make Jesus king by force
Let’s follow Jesus – to get a free lunch
Let’s ask Jesus for a sign
We explore these ideas, and see that they were not God's idea:
They were not part of God's plan

21 Apr 2019 - The ups and downs on that first Easter

He is not here – he has risen
Their words seemed like nonsense
They were kept from recognising him
Then their eyes were opened
Peace be with you
He opened their minds
You are witnesses

19 Apr 2019 - How do people respond to Jesus on the cross?

How did people respond, back in the day, to Jesus on the cross?
How do people respond today?
We identify 3 responses from the narrative in Luke 23:
1. Indifference
2. Sneering and mockery
3. Repentance and faith
Those who thought they had everything - lost everything
He who knew he had nothing - gained everything

14 Apr 2019 - Imagine that you had been a child when Jesus was walking around on earth

Imagine that you had been a child:
Back in the day:
When Jesus was walking around on earth.
What would you remember most about those days?
What would you remember most about Jesus?

07 Apr 2019 - Becoming a privileged child

What comes to mind, when you hear of a privileged child?
We meet a child today, who is privileged:
Not because of what he has:
But because he gives, what he has, to Jesus.
We also ask the question:
What did Jesus mean when he said: Let nothing be wasted?

31 Mar 2019 - Putting to death the My Way Attitude

Unity, love and Salvation - or the My Way attitude?
Jesus says: By myself I can do nothing.
What does he mean?
What is his agenda?
What are his priorities?

24 Mar 2019 - Taking Jesus at his word

Are we ready to take Jesus at his word?
Are we ready to live by faith?
Or will we settle for an existence ruled by doubts?
Let's pray that God will use us, to share the power, compassion and love of Jesus.

17 Mar 2019 - The miracle of grace: asking for a drink of water

Do you want to see a miracle?
A miracle of grace?
We are now in John chapter 4 and we see the grace of God:
Transforming individuals and transforming communities.

10 Mar 2019 - In a time of transition: who you gonna believe?

We are all going through transition:
Whatever our age and stage in life, we are constantly in transition.
This gets even more complicated, when the society we live in, is also in transition.
There's lots going on in this chapter of John's gospel:
And there's lots going on in this message too.
We talk about teenagers, communism, weddings and the "whoever era."

03 Mar 2019 - Born Again

What does it mean to be Born Again?
Why do we need to be Born Again?
Why does Jesus refer to an Old Testament event, when he teaches Nicodemus about being Born Again?
We end our message with a piece of drama - as we try to imagine what it must have been like for Nicodemus.

24 Feb 2019 - Jesus in the Temple - Jesus is the Temple

What are you zealous about?
What things will you allow to consume you?
What was Jesus zealous about?
What consumed Jesus?
We look at why the temple was so important to Jesus, and end by seeing that he is The Temple.

17 Feb 2019 - The Best

We look at seven steps to seeing God change a situation:
Seven steps to seeing God's Best.
And we discover that Jesus is the Best.
Maybe you have tried the rest:
Now it's time to believe in the Best!

10 Feb 2019 - Coping with Uncertainty

Everyday we face uncertainty. This message explores one way that we can cope (or even conquer) this uncertainty. It is based on a saying of one of the wisest men, King Solomon.

03 Feb 2019 - Discover and tell

As people start to meet Jesus and discover who he is, at the beginning of John's Gospel, they cannot keep it to themselves:
They have to tell someone.
Good News is for sharing.
And we too are called to discover and tell.

27 Jan 2019 - Behind the scenes 

Have you ever been somewhere and wondered what is going on behind the scenes?
John's Gospel starts behind the scenes - looking way back into eternity.
In this message, we look at one of the most beautiful portions of scripture and are introduced to someone called The Word who has existed since, for ever.

20 Jan 2019 - John's Gospel

Today we looked at the slides that will accompany the series on John's Gospel.
The slides are posted at the link above. There is no recorded sermon for today.

13 Jan 2019 - Shalom for the filthy, wretched and poor

Have you heard of the word shalom?
What does it mean?
What does it really mean?
How can we experience Biblical shalom?
We look at Jesus' story of The Lost Son.
Which of the two brothers was truly lost at the end of the story?
Which one experienced true shalom?

06 Jan 2019 - Get it?

Imagine that you planned a new initiative, but people just didn't get it:
A way to help people, but they just assumed that it would harm them.
Imagine that you had been advertising this new "thing" for 700 years, but people had not been engaging with the advertising.
Jesus' name Emmanuel means God with us.
In this message, we look at various people.
One did get it. Some never got it. And others did not get it at first.

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