Sermons By Date : 2018

15 Jul 2018 - Authenticity in an unreliable world

How do we test if a spirit is from God?
Who is the real enemy?
Why is doctrine important?
Why is Christian love so vital?
What is the fear of the Lord?

08 Jul 2018 - Remember your Creator - before the days of trouble come

How can we prepare for old age?
How can we help others prepare?
When should we start preparing?

01 Jul 2018 - Are we ready to face temptation?

Are we ready to face temptation?
How did Jesus deal with temptation?
What can we learn from him?

24 Jun 2018 - Helping others cross over

How can we help others to cross over?
Is it enough to point the way?
Or do we need to travel with them?

17 Jun 2018 - Real Love in the Real World

Being the children of God
Being strangers
Being transformed
Being repentant
Being real 

10 Jun 2018 - Rejoicing and Mourning

Empathising with people, trusting God and acknowledging Jesus as King.

03 Jun 2018 - Real Love for the Real Deal

Can we resist sin?
Who is our advocate before God?
Is salvation personal?
How can we retain unity?
Can we love the world?
Can we spot and Anti-Christ?

27 May 2018 - Rejoice! You’ve got an ‘ology!

A look at Paul’s Doxology in Romans 11 and what it means for us today. Can we have a “Glory saying” like Paul?

20 May 2018 - Swearing

Should God's people swear?
Why do people spice up their conversation?
What does the Bible say?
Could we make life better: by simply saying "Yes" and "No"?

06 May 2018 - Dilemmas for Nicodemus, Thomas and me

Do you ever imagine that it was easier to follow Jesus in the olden days?
Do you think that things were more straight forward back then?
We look at some dilemmas that Nicodemus and Thomas faced, and find that things have not really changed that much.
What can we learn from them?

29 Apr 2018 - Do meetings change anything?

Does news change anything?
Do meetings change anything?
In Luke 24 we find plenty of news and plenty of meetings.
But what is it that really brings about breakthrough?
What brings about change?
How can we best pray for the people we love: to know Jesus?

22 Apr 2018 - The real deal

Christ is the Word of Life.
John is a trustworthy witness to the word.
What are the implications to being followers of Christ?

15 Apr 2018 - Believe it or not 

How was it possible?
Can you believe that it really happened?
What happened to the security?
What happened to the surveillance?
Maybe it is just a cleverly invented story.
In this message we talk about faith: believing and embracing.
And we talk about the Hatton garden robbery, the resurrection of Jesus, and chilli peppers.

08 Apr 2018 - Seven insights from the cross

What would you say, if you only had hours left to live?
According to the gospels, Jesus spoke seven times from the cross.
What did he say?
What insights can we gain from his words?

01 Apr 2018 - New Life

We had an All Age Celebration on Easter Sunday.
We love getting our children and young people involved.
We started with a drama by our young people, which led in to our message.
God offers us New Life.
God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
You can hear the drama and the message here.

25 Mar 2018 - Longing. Weeping. Overturning.

Can you think of one word descriptions, of Jesus on earth?
The list is long, and today we look at three specifically:
Longing, weeping and overturning.

18 Mar 2018 - On the way

Trevor has recently become an elder in our church, and starts with a word of thanks to the church.
We then start to look at the journey that Jesus took to the cross.
Would you give up one of your children?
God gave up his only son.
Let's approach Easter with an attitude of thanksgiving and prayer.

11 Mar 2018 - Why do we need Elders?

Imagine a church where everyone does as they see fit:
What would it be like?
Why do we need Elders?
What must they do?
What must they be like?

25 Feb 2018 - How old is too young ?

Have you ever felt you are too young (or too old) to make a difference ?
This message looks at five things you're never too young (or too old) to do.

18 Feb 2018 - Who is my neighbour? 

Would you like to live like a royal?
If we want to live royals, we need to know about the royal law.
Jesus calls us to love our neighbours.
Who is my neighbour?
How do we become a neighbour?

11 Feb 2018 - Be humble: be sober

Peter starts his letter, offering us grace and peace in abundance.
He ends his letter encouraging us to be humble and to be sober.
What is the connection?
What are the risks associated with pride?
What is the promise associated with being humble?

04 Feb 2018 - Where is my community?

We start with some of our children, reading Jesus' parables from Luke 15
Then we ask some questions:
What do we mean by community?
What did community look like in the Bible?
What difference did Jesus make to community?
How far should we go, to share the love of Jesus with the people who need him?

21 Jan 2018 - Do not be surprised

Are we surprised when we suffer because of our faith?
Should suffering be expected?
What does Peter say about this?
What can we learn from Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego?
Where does Joy fit in?

14 Jan 2018 - Ready, Steady, Go - Part 2

Following on from last week:
Joshua told the people to choose.
The Apostle Paul told his friend Timothy to watch his life and doctrine closely.
How does this apply to us?
How can we watch ourselves and each other?
How can we be ready to reach our community with the love of Jesus?

07 Jan 2018 - Ready, Steady, Go - Part 1

Have you heard that Jesus is coming back again?
Are you looking forward to his return?
Are you ready and steady, to go into our community with his love?
Are you ready and steady, to go into our community with his message of salvation?



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