The Unbreakable Bond

What's this message about?
The apostle Paul is convinced about his unbreakable bond with God.
We live in an age of doubt.
Truth is still truth - even when it is unfashionable.
Satan hates truth - but God knows what is best for our lives.
God's love is greater than our inadequacies - he will empower us.
We need to be real with God. His love compels us to be real in our faith.
Sin separates us from God, but Christ's death and resurrection reconciles us to God.

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10 Sep 2017

Trevor Allwright

Bible reference(s)
Romans 8: 28-39
2 John verses 1 & 2
Genesis 3
Ephesians 2:10
2 Corinthians 3:4
Exodus 3
Hebrews 4:14-16
2 Corinthians 5:14-15
1 John 5:4
Revelation 20:10

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conviction, sceptic, truth, separation, doubt, conformity, works, inadequacy, trust, reality