Living as foreigners and exiles out of reverence for Christ

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The advantage of teaching systematically, from a book within the Bible, is that you have to teach the easy things and the things that are a bit more tricky.
This is one of the tricky passages - from Peter's letter.
Peter refers to slaves, pagans, husbands and wives.
Many people today would not agree with much of what Peter says.
But before you discount his teaching as being old fashioned, it is worth noting that even he quotes people who lived about 2,000 years before him.
As you read this passage and listen to this message, it is worth asking:
How do these ancient principles relate to me today?

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19 Nov 2017

Mark Wigston

Bible reference(s)
1 Peter 2:11 - 3:7
Ephesians 5:21- 33

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slaves, pagans, husbands, wives, Peter, submit