Faith during famine

What's this message about?
What kind of people are we?
Do we live by faith, or are we ruled by fear?
We look today at faith during famine, in the days of Elijah.
Children don't get to choose when or where they are born.
And we, the people of God, do not get to choose the era or generation into which we are called to serve.
But we do have a choice:
We can choose to obey God's call and reach out to our own generation.
We can choose to live by faith, rather than being ruled by fear.
(You may like to read 1 Kings 16:29 - 17:24 before you listen to this, to get an overview of the whole event.)

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12 Aug 2018

Mark Wigston

Bible reference(s)
1 Kings 16:29 - 17:24
Hebrews 11

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Fear, faith, famine, generation, gospel